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The Esk and Coastal Streams Catchment Partnership's Glaisdale Beck Restoration Project is now in it's final year, funded by the Environment Agency with support from the Land of Iron Landscape Partnership project lead by the North York Moors National Park Authority.

The project involves working with local land owners and farmers in Glaisdale to improve the water quality and riparian habitats of Glaisdale Beck. This watercourse is home to a variety of wildlife and it is a wonderful place to explore, with several public rights of way running through the dale.

Over the past four years, we have set up agreements with local land mangers to deliver habitat improvement works that will improve water quality and benefit local wildlife. These improvement works include;

  • Erecting stock proof fencing to prevent stock accessing Glaisdale Beck and adjacent ditches. This will reduce unwanted sediments and nutrients entering Glaisdale Beck by reducing areas of bare earth created by stock trampling. Stock proof fencing also creates a buffer strip along the beck promoting re-vegetation which will filter out sediments from surface run-off and help prevent natural bank erosion.
  • Tree planting which also benefits the bank sides as root systems stabilise the banks and canopy cover reduces the impact of surface erosion such as from heavy rainfalls.
  • Improving pinch-points - we are also assisting local farmers by providing suitable stock drinking points such as cattle pasture pumps or hard standing drinking bays and also by improving stock crossing points to reduce the amount of sediment entering the watercourse.
  • Other opportunities such as small-scale farm infrastructure improvements such as installing or repairing guttering to keep clean rainwater separate from on-farm dirty water are being explored.

  • Since September 2015 we have carried out 20 volunteer tasks including erecting new fencing and fencing repairs to retain existing buffer strips along Glaisdale Beck, along with removing derelict fencing and carrying out general river clean ups - thank you to all our hard working volunteers!

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    All Projects > Glaisdale Beck Restoration Project


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