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Mon 7th Mar 2016

Adopt a Stream is a new initiative recruiting ‘Guardians of the Esk’ to help care for the river Esk and surrounding catchment.

We already have a number of people reporting interesting things they see while out and about, but Adopt a Stream ensures that key areas are being checked regularly and that information is collated and applied.

We would like to build up a network of people monitoring local wildlife so we can accrue a picture of what is normal and use it to continually assess the health of the river.

Through Adopt a Stream we hope that all the potential barriers to migratory fish sites on the Esk can be adopted, with volunteers ensuring the structures do not become blocked. If they do, the Esk and Coastal Streams Catchment Partnership can be alerted and can sort them out.

We want to also make sure the whole catchment is monitored to check for issues such as litter and non-native invasive species.

If you might be interested in becoming one of our ‘Guardians of the Esk’ we are holding an Adopt a Stream workshop on Monday 7 March. This indoor workshop starts at 13.30 at the Moors National Park Centre, Danby. The monitoring programme is designed to suit everyone’s interests and fit within the time you can commit, so if you have a favourite walk, a regular fishing spot or simply visit the catchment now and again, then we would love for you to get involved.

Please ensure you book your place by emailing Alex Cripps our Catchment Partnership Officer, or call 01439 772700

We look forward to seeing you there!

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