Yorkshire Esk Catch Data, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016

Introduction and Background

The Yorkshire Esk Rivers Trust has undertaken to collate catch data from anglers fishing for Salmon and Sea Trout on the Yorkshire Esk. It remains a legal requirement for every angler to submit their catch return to the Environment Agency at the conclusion of each fishing season. It can however take up to 12 months for the data to be published by the agency.

Until now there has been no mechanism in place to collate details of catches for angling clubs and private stretches of water along the full length of the Yorkshire Esk and its principle tributaries at the end of the season.

From the Yorkshire Esk Rivers Trust perspective, it is very important indeed to be able to highlight, at the earliest possible stage, trends in rod catches. This has added significance now that the hydro scheme is fully operational at Ruswarp.

Data for the 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 seasons are shown below, recorded at total catch, number and percentage returned and average weight for both salmon and sea trout in the Yorkshire Esk. Data is published annually by the Environment Agency in the Salmonid & Freshwater Fisheries Statistics for England & Wales reports.

A standard form was issued in 2014 to all anglers – it is now available here.

I cannot emphasise sufficiently strongly the importance that every angler, angling club and riparian owner supports this initiative. Without this knowledge and insight, the Trust cannot act with the authority and in the best interests of all groups.

Thank you for your support.

Angus Oughtred
Chairman Yorkshire Esk Rivers Trust


Esk Catch Returns 2013

Total = 118 (of which 72 released- 61%) Average weight= 3.85 kg

Sea Trout
Total = 373 (of which 233 released- 62%) Average weight= 1.59 kg

Total = 491 (of which 305 released- 62%)

Esk Catch Returns 2014

Total = 93 (of which 74 released- 80%) Average weight= 3.66 kg

Sea Trout
Total = 453 (of which 302 released- 67% ) Average weight= 1.63 kg

Total = 546 (of which 376 released- 69%)

Esk Catch Returns 2015

Total = 73 (of which 64 released- 88%) Average weight= 3.56 kg

Sea Trout
Total = 325 (of which 248 released- 76%) Average weight= 1.54 kg

Total = 398 (of which 312 released- 78%)

Esk Catch Returns 2016

Total = 98 (of which 85 released- 87%) Average weight= 3.95 kg

Sea Trout
Total = 432 (of which 334 released- 77% ) Average weight= 1.33 kg

Total = 530 (of which 419 released- 79%)


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