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The Yorkshire Esk Rivers Trust became members of the Rivers Trust in 2014 and our Chairman Angus Oughtred attended the 2015 Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) Conference.

The Rivers Trust organised the 2015 Conference that was held in London, in the spectacular settings of the Fishmongers Hall, on the banks of the River Thames. The event was attended by some 110 delegates, mostly it has to be said from CaBA Partnerships from the midlands and south of England.

Perhaps the most important presentation was given by Richard Cole of DEFRA, the awarding body for funding of CaBA.
Richard Cole outlined the progress that had been made with 87 Partnerships now established in England alone and that this was well supported by the National CaBA Support Group. He referred to the recent survey that had been completed that indicated that Partnerships were now focussed on delivering practical environmental work. Overall 82% of respondents felt their partnership was working effectively and that decisions in their partnership were transparent, evidence based and equitable.

Overall DEFRA funding for the host role was less than 20% of total funding, with partnerships levering further investments into the catchment at around 4:1

There remained challenges, not least the importance of having robust business plans and concerns expressed by a significant proportion of partnerships on the the sustainability of their partnership beyond March 2016, the conclusion of the most recent CaBA awards.

It was still too early to report on the new Ministers preferences but that a new government would not alter the localism agenda, upon which CaBA was founded. The challenge was to secure funding for next year (2016). It was crucial against this challenging background that partnerships demonstrate the value of the 2015 funding they have received and their ability and success in seeking external funding in addition to DEFRA awards.

Whilst the future maybe uncertain, it is vital to make the most of the 2015 Catchment Partnership Action Funds awarded by DEFRA, to deliver positive outcome for the Esk and Coastal Streams Catchment Partnership. Visit our projects page to see how we are getting on with our Glaisdale Beck Restoration Project.

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All CaBA Updates > Catchment Based Approach Conference 2015


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